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March 16, 2015

Past District Commander’s Club Breakfast Clarification
The $35.00 annual fee for the 2015 Past District Commander’s Club Breakfast meeting includes the $5.00 membership dues.  The ticket order form allows members a choice of either ordering breakfast tickets with their renewal for a total of $35, or renewing their membership only, at $5.00. Ordering a breakfast ticket without paying the annual dues is not an option.
Members should not pay both $35.00 and $5:00; members should check the appropriate box on the order form:  tickets at $35.00 each which includes dues – or -- club dues at $5.00 each for those not attending the breakfast meeting.


March 13, 2015
   In response to a number of concerns expressed by our members and to more efficiently handle the volume of calls and requests that come into the Membership Office, the Department has instituted a change in telephone procedures.

   Effective March 13, 2015, calls for the Membership Office will be routed initially to Meagen Sweet at the administrative desk. She has been undergoing training in both operations and membership, and is now prepared and qualified to answer many of the general inquiries formerly directed to the Membership Coordinator. 

   When a member calls and selects the membership option on the phone menu, he or she will be connect with Ms. Sweet who will answer the question, determine whether another member of the staff might better answer it, or refer it on to Ms. Collins.

   The purpose is to prioritize inquiries so that the membership office deals with the most pressing and critical inquiries. The process should eliminate the current backlog of phone messages and emails and result in better service to our members, while freeing Ms. Collins to continue her excellent recording, accounting and reporting procedures.

   You will recall that prior to the move to the new headquarters and the installation of an automated phone system, the administrative assistant played a similar role in our operations, and we think a return, in part, to that system is in the interest of our members.

   If you have questions or concerns about the process, please contact me directly. or 317-630-1300



Past 2nd District Commander Joe Alber's service arrangements will be Thursday, March 19, 2015.

Visitation: 10am-11am at Good Family Funeral Home in Rochester, IN

Military Service: 11am at the same location

Gathering: immediately following w/food and refreshments at Post 36, Rochester, IN

Memorials to Fulton County Veterans Service Officer for the Veterans Service Van


April 10-11 Spring Conference Countdown!
Registration is now OPEN 
Call 1-800-228-9290 for reservations

Two centennial pistols are being raffled by the Department to generate two new funds: Click photo



Natl. Cmdr. Mike Helm

Dear Department Commanders and Membership Chairmen:

I write to you today with considerable disappointment and concern over the current state of our membership programs.  When we met in Indianapolis last summer, we all agreed on the importance of increasing our retention programs at the post, district and department levels.  Unfortunately, thus far we have shown no success in increasing our retention rates, and therefore although some of the departments have shown growth, the vast majority of departments are falling further and further behind.

Today I am announcing a member retention surge, beginning immediately and running through January 31st, 2015.  During this period, I expect each and every one of you, along with your department and district officers to support the membership renewal programs in each and every post by accomplishing the following:

  *   Telephoning at least 3 lapsed members per week and renewing them

  *   Telephoning each of your subordinate commanders at either the area,

district, county or post level at least once a week for the next 6 weeks to promote renewals and provide accountable feedback on what they are doing to increase renewals

  *   Promoting membership renewals as your command focus and priority by statements in your department communications, in e-mails or during Legion functions at every opportunity.

As leaders of the largest war-time veterans' organization in the world; we have an obligation to our members and to the organization to keep the American Legion strong.  The way we do this is by having a growing and robust membership that allows us to continue to have the lead amongst the veteran's community.  We owe our members and our programs our maximum efforts over the next six weeks.

Thank you in advance for these efforts and the continuing privilege to serve each of you and the veterans that make up this organization as your National Commander.


Michael D. Helm, National Commander






























Department Directory Corrections

   In order to correct a number of errors and omissions in the 2014-15 Department Directory, the Department has established a special email address for those listed in or omitted from the book to submit corrections.  The email address is Corrections will be made online as they are received, and corrected pages will be distributed after the correction period ends.

   Your help in quickly and accurately correcting the directory is both important and essential. Please take a few minutes to review it – either in the paper copy you received at the Fall Conference or the on-line version here. Please observe the following guidelines and submit corrections only to the special email address above.

  • District Commanders should review and correct the information on district meeting times and places,  the listings of District Officers, and should advise all Posts in the District to check and confirm the information in each Post listing, including certified officers, phone numbers, meeting times, and street address.
  • Legionnaires appointed to commissions and committees should verify the listing of their appointment and contact information.
  • Those who have reason to believe they should have been appointed but are not in the directory, submit that to us and we will confirm your appointment and add you to the book.
  • All commission and committee chairman should review the members of their commission and committee for accuracy of the listing, which will complement what that individual appointees submit.
  • Errors in the following sections do not need to be reported; they will be corrected in the original documents by the Department Adjutant. They include: the listing of Department Officers; the DEC; Appointive Officers; 2014-2015 District Commanders; 2013-2014 District Commanders; Living Past Department Commanders; Living Past NEC; Department Staff; American Legion Auxiliary Officers and District Presidents;  SAL Detachment Officers and District Commanders; the list of all Past Department Commanders and Past National Executive Committee members; and the Post-by-District listing.



















































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